Laser Cut Wall Partitions

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter & Service Provider of Laser Cut Partition Wall, Home Partition Jali, Laser Cut Wall Dividers, Laser Home Partitions, Dividers. Our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Installed wall partitions bring together art and function. They can be used to divide large spaces, add interest and light to dark spaces, or screen in a booth or small area, while adding a unique and beautiful look. For areas greater than 2’ wide, partitions should be framed in, and for high traffic areas, a ¾” thickness is recommended for durability. Partitions can also be back-lit to add a dramatic look to your hotel, restaurant, or office environment.

Wall partitions are our most popular application. Wall partitions help define the space, while allowing light and visibility from other areas. The photos on the opposite page show typical uses. For residential and some office projects, a wall partition can be used to divide an entry area from the rest of the room. The entry area is both separate and connected.

For restaurants, wall partitions are commonly used to define the dining area from other areas such as a hallway, bar or kitchen. The wall partitions add a decorative focal point and separation from other parts of the restaurant. To add more interest, a wall partition can be made of two panels separated by four or more inches. Lighting can be incorporated in the top or bottom between the panels, giving the wall partition a feeling of motion as you walk by. The two separated panels change appearance as the guest walks past the wall partition.