Metal Cutting Services

We are Service Provider of Metal Cutting & our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Metal is a great material for certain applications. Compared to wood, metal is stronger, well-suited to outdoor uses, and can be finished in a huge number of powder-coating options. Metal panels are much thinner than wood panels, and stronger. Our most common steel material thicknesses are 1.2,1.6,2,2.5,3,4,6,8,12 and 14 mm.

Steel and aluminum material comes in sheets up to just under 5’ x 10’. Metal can also be bent or rolled after laser cutting, so panels can be curved to make interesting shapes or bent to make columns or U-shaped light boxes.

The laser-cutting process introduces heat into the metal, so there are some additional considerations for patterns to be laser-cut. Some patterns are too intricate or leave narrow lines and can get too hot and warp. Please contact us for suggestions on which patterns can be laser-cut in metal.

All steel should be powder-coated, unless you want a naturally rusted finish. Aluminum can be unfinished or powder - coated. Outdoor applications near salt water should be aluminum.

Another perfect choice for exterior use, aluminum panels are relatively lightweight and can be installed outdoors without powder coating.

Cold Rolled Steel
A versatile alternative for both interior and exterior applications. Finish with UV stable powder coating to offer an array of colors and textures.